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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 12:55
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a club founded by a dead guy. also a damned inheritance (and a home for those who might return).

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text. | audio. | video.

( ( Please: (1) put a format (text/audio/video) and a date or time, if applicable, in the subject line when replying ; (2) assume Maya IC-ly gets back to messages as soon as she's able after receiving them ) )
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Please feel free to leave any comments or concerns about the way I play Maya here. Any input on how I'm doing will be very much appreciated. Character interactions, her personality, my tags/writing... what am I doing wrong and right? Don't be afraid to speak your mind!

You may also use this post for OOC commenting or planning of any kind, such as that that might otherwise be conducted through PMs or on plurk. Additionally, if you would like me to avoid mentioning certain topics in my tags with Maya or just give me a heads-up about things, feel free to do so here!

Anon commenting is ON; screening ON (although I tend to unscreen HMD comments unless asked not to); IP logging is OFF. Thanks for any feedback you might leave. :)

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 17:45
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Sunday, November 25

"You've reached Maaa-yaaa~! Let's speak positively! Your messages should be optimistic!"

Please specify game and format!
  • [community profile] zodion: via devices, with video/voice/text & voicemail components
  • [community profile] proximabeta: via devices, with video/voice/text(messaging) & voicemail components
  • [community profile] cityofariel: via microchips, that mentally convey video/audio/text messages
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I'm just getting started on Dreamwidth (more posts to come!), but I just wanted to make a little intro post. This account is for Maya Amano, from the Persona 2 duology of games. I play her with full knowledge of both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, and so can adapt to suit anything in canon. I'll also be playing her according to Atlus' recent localization of Innocent Sin PSP -- terminology, way of speaking, etc. -- although I also know much about the fan translation of the original Japanese and in fact played through it for my first ever experience with Persona 2.

While I get more things set up, feel free to leave critique or whatever here! Maya is a fairly new muse for me, but then again so are all my characters! Don't hesitate to let me know how my driving is (hopefully it's not as bad as Maya's).